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It May Be Time To Get Some Advice

by on October 6, 2015
It May Be Time To Get Some Advice

Hi there!

I’m Susan Scheer Aoki. You may remember me from such blogs as “Flash Mob” and “Disk is Dead. Denying it Can Slow Your Business Down, Cost Your Company Millions, and Make Work Miserable”.

I’m back. This time to tell you about how we can make you instrumental in forging your company’s future success by leveraging the talents and experience of a qualified professional services team.

We all face challenges.

We are all looking for ways to deal with the 40-50% annual growth in the data we have to store, protect and serve. Many of us are up against constraints. Space might be tight in the data center. We may be close to the limits of the electrical systems. Operating budgets are tight.

Your challenges may include rolling out a new VDI solution or building new disaster recovery capabilities into your IT infrastructure, like Violin customer Valley Health. Their patient-care and staff-support needed a robust solution that ensured both optimal performance for VDI and business continuity objectives. The technology refresh involved moving from physical to virtual environments, and single-to-multiple data centers.

Nearly half of our professional services engagements here at Violin fall into these categories. We also do a lot of data migration work as part of our installation and deployment practices.

If this sounds familiar, if you are dealing with these issues or think you might in the near future, don’t panic. Many customers aren’t sure where to start with all-flash data center architectures. A capable professional services organization will have a proven methodology to work with you and help you plan, build and operate all-flash infrastructure deployment.

A service team will have credentials and certifications, technical and business process expertise, and a track record of relevant experience. All of this is required to understand and resolve not just your enterprise data storage problems, but how solutions to those problems will impact other data center resources. We want you to realize your outcome on time and on budget.

Our services are provided by a qualified team of knowledgeable storage experts who employ best practices and partner with customer IT teams to complete complex projects on-time and in-budget, but my point here, and it is an important one, is that you should get – you must get – these planning installation and deployment services from someone you trust.

A professional services engagement from a primary vendor or the services of a trusted, local, technology partner could help save you from headaches, delays, frustration, maybe lost data, maybe losing sleep, maybe losing your job.

Please have a look at this week’s thought leadership piece, a validation test report from Demartek on mixed workloads on all-flash arrays.

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