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Introducing Amy Love, Violin Memory’s New Chief Marketing Officer

by on April 23, 2015

I’m incredibly proud and excited of so many things about this company. My excitement comes from being the innovator and pioneer of the industry, having the best technology in the industry, having more experience in all flash arrays than any competitor, and having a revived strength in our financial foundation to execute a leadership position in one of the biggest technology disruptions today. But with all that excitement and assets in the company, nothing happens without the right people to make it happen. When I’m with customers, investors, or just friends around a dinner table, what gets me most pumped-up is talking about the outstanding group of people we’ve assembled here. And today, I’m extremely pleased to introduce a new addition to the Violin Memory management team – Amy Love, the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

As Violin’s CMO, Amy is responsible for developing and managing our worldwide marketing strategy and programs. This is a role that she knows very well, having recently been the vice president of Global Brand and Demand Generation, acting CMO and vice president of Brand and Communications at NetApp, where she dramatically accelerated brand familiarity and sentiment. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, dual BBA degrees from Texas Tech University and an MBA from Harvard, Amy brings a wealth of strategic marketing experience to Violin.

Amy and her team own the “Branding and Strategic Positioning” of the company. Basically, communicating to the world why we are the best innovator, technology and supplier in the brave new world of Flash. Part of Amy’s job will be leading Violin’s presence at industry events and business forums. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak, or better yet get to talk with her one-on-one, you’ll be as immediately impressed as I am with her industry acumen, creative thought process and unique perspective on everything from storage architecture to the NFL.

Great people plus great technology is always a winning combination.

Where’s My Capacity? Effective, Usable and Raw Explained

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Fun with Flash Formats

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Violin Memory: Making Telco Billing Platforms Fly

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The Business Value of Replication

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The business value of replication is time. What is a minute of online orders worth to your company? How about an hour? How about 2 days? Longer outages can be fatal to your company if data is not available. Your customers start looking elsewhere, and the damage may not be reversible. The American financial system…