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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

by on February 2, 2016
It's Time To Reset the Economics of Enterprise Storage So You Can Be Instrumental

Looking Back

Looking back in this blogspace over the last several months, members of the Violin executive team have shared thoughts on how you as IT leaders can Be Instrumental when your company transitions to the significant performance improvements and cost savings made available by shifting to flash storage. These discussions have included perspectives from leading CIOs on their role in building organizations to support business missions and the timing of new technology adoption.

Speaking of Being Instrumental, Violin is honored to be the official data storage provider of the San Francisco 49ers and Levi’s Stadium, home to this weekend’s big game. While the NFL operates their own data management infrastructure separately from host teams, I encourage you to watch a short video highlighting how the SF 49ers and Levi’s Stadium fulfilled their technology vision by building the most technologically advanced stadium in all of sports.

In celebration of Violin’s connection with the organization, we offered visitors to Violin’s Be Instrumental campaign the opportunity to win a football autographed by NFL Hall of Famer and San Francisco 49ers Legend Jerry Rice. It’s my pleasure to announce the five winners are:

Zhitong L., Miami FL
Daphne B., Hartford CT
Viktor P., New York NY
Randolph E., Portland OR
Mark N., Newark NJ

Looking Forward

As we look forward, Violin is leading from an innovation perspective the transformation that is occurring in data centers as legacy HDD- and SSD-based technologies are replaced with All Flash Arrays built around clean-design custom flash modules (CFM). What makes this transformation compelling is what it enables.

Enterprises around the world are accelerating the critical applications of today, evolving to new best practices and attacking the opportunities represented by big data and deep analytics using all flash infrastructure. With the right infrastructure, the value of enterprise data sets has never been greater.

Here are a few examples:

  • One large retail and wholesale customer was able to run their lifeblood application four times faster on Violin’s CFM-based Flash Storage Platforms, had enough capacity to consolidate an entire data center, and eliminate complex, expensive data management practices across 4,000 internal databases when they retired their legacy array. Bottom Line savings, approximately $1M.
  • One Telco customer identified a $100M annual revenue stream they were able to unlock from existing customer data, based on the consistent high performance available from Violin’s All Flash Arrays.
  • A large technology customer of ours felt their move to an agile DevOps model could only be successful on a resilient, all flash, stretch cluster HA infrastructure. They had suffered a data loss on their legacy platform and were anxious to avoid another $500K hit in lost productivity.

Application acceleration, big data analytics, and fundamental changes in best practices are speeding up the migration to CFM-based flash storage in retail, R&D, telecommunications and many other industries.

Performance is still a driving factor in many adoptions, but performance is meaningless without enterprise grade data protection services. Violin offers simple-to-manage, fully integrated stretch clustering which plays an increasingly critical role in enterprise flash storage adoption decisions.

And the CapEx and OpEx profiles for CFM all flash arrays – already incredibly attractive – are only going to get better. Customer now can measure ROI on their investment in weeks rather than years. See what Violin is doing in this area and how it can apply to your IT environment.

So, congratulations again to the winners of the footballs autographed by NFL Hall of Famer and San Francisco 49er Legend Jerry Rice. And if you didn’t see your name on the list, there is still a chance to enter and win. Watch the 49ers case study video and enter for another chance to win.

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