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Partnering to Be Instrumental

by on November 16, 2015
Be Instrumental

Selecting the right partner during planning and execution of an all-flash storage refresh or data center consolidation project could save time and money, reduce risk and leverage the business and competitive advantages of the project. Selecting the right partner can help you be instrumental. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Vision
  • Local Labs
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Stability


A channel partner with vision across the landscape of available solutions can help you determine what technologies and which vendors provide the capabilities you are looking to implement, saving you time and resources on the front end. With your specific criteria, a good partner can suggest a range of options in both categories, solutions and vendors, so your staff can do the higher-value-added work of arguing the merits and matching recommendations to your exact requirements, company, culture and industry best practices.

Local Labs

A partner with demo labs or evaluation capabilities to run Proof of Concept (PoC) testing can help you and your team understand the strengths and limitations of technologies in context. Customers have shared stories with us that point to the valuable role pre-testing plays to set expectations and foresee any challenges. Customers who take advantage of these capabilities usually find themselves in better positions to seamlessly integrate new technologies

Having a local partner can yield some important administrative benefits. When a partner can be on-site in minutes or hours, projects stay on schedule.

Local partners with lab capabilities can also be helpful obtaining or protecting compatibility certifications.

Expertise and Experience

In addition to establishing interoperability, an ideal technology partner will bring expertise to the project beyond current staff capabilities. Deep domain expertise in the form of advanced technical and business process certifications. Again, this goes to staff extension and plugging gaps.

Having a partner who’s been there before, on projects similar in scope, complexity and technology requirements will reduce risk, costs, and accelerate time to return on investment. Look for successful engagements in similar situations. Ask for references. Call them.

Stability and Agility

And lastly, look at the business history and ongoing stability of each partner with whom you consider engaging. Just as the wrong technology can derail a project, a business, or a career, so can a struggling partner. Go with strength.

And, as new priorities arise within your organization, a solution-oriented partner should proactively offer their expertise. They should demonstrate a desire to become a most trusted advisor, and help you be instrumental.

Disk is Dead and SSDs are a dead-end compromise. The enterprise data center is going to be all flash. It’s not if, it’s when. If you’re responsible for designing, building or running a data center, going all-flash is an opportunity for you to change the trajectory of your business and your career. It is an opportunity for you to be instrumental. Working with the right partner can help.

For additional information, on picking the right partner and other helpful topics, watch IT Insights. Former CTO and CIO John DeFeo shares more of his experience as a Fortune 500 CTO and CIO with Amy Love, Violin CMO.

For more thoughts and analyst perspectives on the competitive and business transformation being driven by the migration to all-flash storage with no SSDs, read the IDC report available here and visit http://info.violin-memory.com/all-flash-storage-promotion.html for information on incredible, limited time offers.

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