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Bring Out Your Dead

by on June 30, 2015

We have had fun these last few months riffing on Disk is Dead and giving away tickets to see the Grateful Dead. Now it may be time to take action, to bring out your dead and dying disk arrays.


But on a serious note, be cautious as you move down the path of researching, testing and integrating flash into your data center. You will see a multitude of look-alike vendors offering look-alike flash solutions, almost like tribute bands, imitations, however well-intended, just not the real thing. These are often startups that have jumped on the idea of utilizing both disks and SSDs in virtualized environments, be it virtual server infrastructure (VSI) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The concept is flawed since the effort uses off-the-shelf SSDs for fast time-to-market and alleged “commodity pricing”. However, lower prices for all-flash solutions have already taken away any cost advantage from hybrid arrays. None of them are the genuine article. None of them are Uncle John’s Band. There is simply no need to compromise with dead-end, black-box SSDs or hybrid arrays.

I do believe that all of the complexity, cost and inefficiency of legacy arrays will be overcome one day. That day will be soon. It’s going to come from a different and better “clean sheet architecture” approach that optimizes the inherent capabilities of flash and provides complete solutions: This approach can simultaneously provide advanced data services, performance, and density, delivering an effective and efficient foundation for current and emerging data center needs. Violin’s 7300 Flash Storage Platform and 7700 Flash Storage Platform are excellent examples.

HDDs are being replaced as the primary IT data storage medium. The all-flash data center is already a reality for many businesses in technology, in retail, in healthcare and in financial services, with research and proof-of-concept testing happening now across many more industry segments. Just as the Stratocaster and the Les Paul became the de facto standard for just about every rock band, Flash Storage Platforms will be the heart and soul of tomorrow’s 24×7 data center.

By now, few would be shocked if I told you spinning media’s days are over. Yes, Disk Is Dead as primary storage, and it is time to bring out your dead and dying disk arrays. See this week’s thought leadership piece by respected author and technologist Jim O’Reilly for his perspective.

To help you move quickly through the stages of grief, we are launching two limited-time offers (special discounts and data migration services) to incent customers to take action, and we think you’ll be grateful that you checked them out.

Disk is Dead

If you would like to know the details, regarding how you can optimize your storage spend and start the transition to flash for primary storage, please contact your local Violin Account Executive or Reseller partner. They have everything you need to get started now.

You can also discuss your specific requirements with our architects and engineers at VMWorld in San Francisco August 30 – September 3, or if you would like to learn more at your own pace, download our thought leadership piece at www.violin-memory.com/diskisdead.

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