Violin All Flash Arrays

Redefining High Performance Storage

Violin 6000 Series All Flash Arrays are all-silicon shared storage systems built from the ground up, harnessing the power of flash and delivering industry-leading performance and ultra-low data access latencies. A single 3U array delivers more than 1 million IOPS with consistent, spike-free latencies in microseconds, a full order of magnitude lower than legacy storage solutions. This game-changing combination makes the 6000 Series the storage of choice for high IOPS, scale-out virtual infrastructure configurations, business-critical applications with stringent service level agreements, and real-time big data analytic environments.

Flash Performance at the Cost of Disk

Violin Memory is uniquely positioned to deliver flash storage systems that can compete with performance disk from a cost for raw capacity perspective. This is possible because 6000 Series All Flash Arrays are purpose built with flash components sourced through Violin Memory’s unique and strategic alliance with industry leader Toshiba. The value of Violin’s new 6000 becomes even more obvious when compared to the capital expenditures and operating costs of running complex legacy storage systems with a limited set of SSDs, storage tiering policies, and constant monitoring and tuning.

Optimization at Hardware Line Rates

The core of the 6000 is the Flash Storage Fabric. The Flash Storage Fabric is a resilient, highly available deep mesh of thousands of flash dies that work in concert to continuously optimize performance, latency, and longevity. Contrary to SSD based systems that reuse legacy disk based architectures, the Flash Storage Fabric is the result of an all silicon system approach. This approach utilizes patented flash optimization algorithms implemented in hardware, operating at line rate. All of the active components of the Flash Storage Fabric are hot-swappable for enterprise grade reliability and serviceability, just another benefit of the 6000.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

6000 Series All Flash Arrays connect natively to existing 8Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10GE iSCSI, and 40Gb/s Infiniband network infrastructures and managed by the Violin Memory Operating System, providing a simple and easy GUI management interface for one or multiple enclosures. Provisioning storage for an application is extremely simplified. No RAID groups, storage silos, or storage tiers get in the way. New LUNs are spread across the entire surface of the Flash Storage Fabric. Never worry about hotspots again; the raw performance capabilities of 6000 Series All Flash Arrays eliminate storage bottlenecks and application latencies and simply make your shared storage as fast as memory.