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Technical Whitepaper: Transforming Application Performance with Persistent Memory
The increasing gap between server performance and storage performance is killing application (and business) performance. Current solutions have tradeoffs in performance, cost, implementation time, level of disruption, etc. This paper examines the classic solutions and presents two new ones – the Violin Memory Array and Maestro Memory Appliance.

Technical Whitepaper: Optimizing OVM Virtualization with Violin Memory Arrays
This document contains guidelines and best practices for solutions integrating Violin Memory Arrays with Oracle OVM. It details what is possible within an OVM Virtual environment and the implications of deployment decisions on the performance.

Technical Whitepaper: Transforming Oracle Applications with Flash-Optimized Snapshots
This white paper describes how Violin Memory flash-optimized snapshots allow customers to create multiple up-to-date copies of their data, accessible at the speed of memory, without requiring additional storage infrastructure and without incurring performance penalties on the master copy.

Technical Whitepaper: Removing Performance Bottlenecks in Databases with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Violin Memory Flash Storage Arrays
This technical paper examines the performance of database applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with Violin Flash Memory arrays.

Whitepaper: Virtual Desktops at the Speed of Memory
This white paper illustrates how Violin Memory’s all-silicon flash Memory Arrays improve boot-up and application access times by 4x, scale to 1,000s of virtual desktops and deliver the lowest TCO per virtual desktop – enabling enterprises to fulfill the promise of a successful VDI implementation.

Whitepaper: Violin Memory Operating System
This white paper provides an overview of the storage management, data protection and storage optimization capabilities powered by vMOS in Violin Memory Arrays.

Whitepaper: Running Your Business at the Speed of Memory
Real-time data access is driving business transformation and success, and only storage at the speed of memory can deliver sufficient I/O performance to run these demanding enterprise applications. Violin Memory is leading the way with the fastest all-silicon shared storage systems on the market today.

Whitepaper: Violin Symphony
Violin Symphony provides a single pane of glass view into your Violin Memory infrastructure and dramatically reduces operational complexity with customized dashboards, in-depth performance and health monitoring, automated operations and a consolidated management interface across hundreds of Violin Memory Arrays.

Technical Report: Best Practices for Connecting Violin Memory Arrays to IBM AIX and PowerVM
This technical report describes best practices and host attachment procedures for connecting Violin flash Memory Arrays through Fibre Channel to systems running on the IBM AIX operating system with IBM PowerVM virtualization.

Best Practices Guide: Violin Memory Arrays With IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
This technical report describes best practices for using Violin Memory Arrays and IBM SAN Volume Control (SVC) to deploy a scalable, high-performance storage system that leverages unified data management and block-level storage virtualization, with guidance on a range of topics, including fabric architecture, LUN configuration, and multipathing to help optimize IBM SVC/Storwize environments through the use of Violin Memory technology.

Best Practices: Oracle RAC on Violin
This technical report describes the advantages of running Oracle RAC on Violin, and process for installing Oracle 11g RAC on a Linux 5.x operating system and configuring the software to use Violin Memory arrays.

VMware ESXi Host Attachment Guide
This attachment guide provides best practice recommendations for connecting VMware ESXi software to Violin Memory 6000 Series flash memory arrays to helpensure optimal deployment of Violin arrays in a virtualized environment.

Best Practices: SQL Server 2012 on Violin
This technical report describes best practice recommendations for deploying a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database on a Windows Server 2008 operating system for use with Violin Memory 6000 Series flash-based storage arrays.

Benchmarking Cassandra on Violin
This technical report presents the results of a benchmark test performed by Locomatix, Inc. on Apache’s Cassandra open source distributed database management system utilizing the Violin flash memory arrays for primary storage.

Benchmarking Hadoop and HBase on Violin
This benchmark report demonstrates the performance advantages of running Hadoop and HBase on Violin flash Memory Arrays for Big Data implementations.

Running Federal IT at the Speed of Memory
This white paper provides an overview of Violin Memory technology and solutions for powerful, reliable, and economical solutions to the data storage and application performance that federal government agencies face today.

Reference Architecture: VDI for Federal Government Agencies
This reference architecture from Force3 describes a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that utilizes flash-based arrays from Violin Memory, along with Cisco UCS hardware and VMware View VDI software.

Block Size Optimization for Oracle Data
Choosing a block size for Oracle data is one of the first important decisions a database administrator will make when designing a new database. This technical report documents the superiority of 4k block sizes when running OLTP workloads on Oracle databases using Violin Memory 6000 Series array for primary storage.

ESG Lab Validation Summary
This ESG Lab Validation report summaries the results of hands-on testing of the Violin Memory 6000 Series flash Memory Storage array.

ESG Lab Validation Full Report
This ESG Lab Validation report documents the full results of hands-on testing of the Violin Memory 6000 Series flash Memory Storage array, with a focus on the performance, efficiency, and flexible scalability of these storage systems in highly virtualized, mixed workload environments.

Microsoft SQL Server and Violin flash Memory Arrays
Microsoft SQL has evolved beyond serving simple workgroups to a platform delivering sophisticated capabilities suitable for large enterprises. This white paper explains why Violin Memory provides the best storage platform for getting the best performance and scalability out of your SQL databases.

IBM GPFS Benchmark Record
This technical report documents a GPFS record set by IBM Research with a small cluster of ten IBM xSeries servers, IBM’s cluster file system (GPFS), and Violin flash Memory arrays.

Disk Storage Shortfall
Business-critical applications and virtual infrastructures are highly sensitive to I/O latency and storage bottlenecks. This white paper outlines some of the shortfalls of disk-based storage and why band-aid solutions alone aren’t enough.

The Server-Storage Performance Gap
While server technology has raced ahead, storage has lagged behind, creating a performance gap that hinders growth and profitability. This white paper explains how to close the server-storage performance gap while also increasing IT efficiency using Violin technology.

An Overview of vSHARE: Intelligent Flash Storage
This white paper outlines the Violin vSHARE technology that enables cost effective, large-scale deployment of flash-based storage, with an overview of vSHARE systems, architecture, features, and underlying technology.

Violin Memory Flash vRAID Overview (March 2012)
This white paper highlights the patented vRAID technology that Violin has developed specifically for flash Memory Arrays to reliably protect data, efficiently utilize resources, and optimize performance.

Violin Memory VIMMs: Intelligent Flash Aggregation and Management
This white paper provides an overview of the Violin Intelligent Memory Modules (VIMMs) and the intelligent flash management architecture, capabilities, and operation of Violin flash Memory arrays.

Data Center Megatrends: Consolidate, Conserve, and Virtualize
Consolidation, Virtualization, and Green IT are three trends having a major impact on the evolution of the modern data center. This paper looks at the server-storage performance gap from the perspective of taking on these initiatives and how organizations can get ahead of the trend with Violin Memory.

Server Virtualization: Avoiding the I/O Trap
Virtualization introduces many I/O challenges for legacy storage, including increased compute density and I/O randomization. This paper examines how server virtualization impacts overall IT performance and how to avoid the I/O trap and preserve performance levels of the entire infrastructure with Violin Memory.

Provisioning for Predictable Performance
Businesses thrive on the ability to achieve consistent and predictable results. This white paper discusses how storage administrators can leverage Violin Memory technology to deliver IOPs and guaranteed response times with their existing storage infrastructures, accelerating storage to deliver real time application performance.

Data Center Performance Insurance
Every year, I/O latency and application failures cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars. This white paper explains how to guarantee rapid response times during peak workloads with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Accelerating Software Development with Centralized Caching
Fast and efficient software development fuels growth and customer satisfaction. This white paper explains how Violin Memory technology can help make enterprise software development faster, more efficient and more predictable.

Gilead Accelerates eDiscovery with Violin Maestro
Gilead, a leading biopharmaceutical company, was able to increase their eDiscovery by 6 times with performance provided by Violin Memory’s Maestro.

High Moon Studios Accelerates Software Builds with Violin Maestro
High Moon Studios, a game software developer, was suffering from poor virtualized desktop performance (VDI) under VMware until they installed Violin Memory’s Maestro and saw a 40X reduction in application latency.

MultiPlan Accelerates Oracle with Violin Maestro
Multiplan, a healthcare cost management solutions provider found their existing Oracle business intelligence solution with 2-5x better performance at a prudent cost with Violin Memory’s Maestro.

UC Davis Accelerates Oracle Data Warehouse with Violin Maestro
The University of California at Davis discovered they could get twice the IOPS performance in their Oracle data warehouse without disruption by adding Violin Memory’s Maestro.

How LaSalle used Violin Memory to change the way applications are developed
LaSalle Solutions wanted faster web application performance and installed a Violin Memory array. The increased performance changed their system design and allowed them to reallocate resources used to tune the old system to pursue new projects.

Violin Memory Powers Core Claims Processing for Government Employees Health Association (GEHA)
GEHA, a major provider of health insurance plans for federal employees, embarked on an initiative to migrate business-critical applications from a mainframe to a modern distributed architecture. This case study illustrates the business value GEHA derived from running their core Claims Processing application on Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Collier County Delivers Online Testing at the Speed of Memory With Violin
Collier County Public Schools, one of the largest and most technologically advanced K-12 districts in the U.S., deployed Violin arrays to deliver online testing for 45,000 students. The result: dramatic performance improvements, lower IT costs, and a better end-user experience.

Charityshare Delivers High-Performance VDI Across the UK with Violin
Violin flash Memory Arrays provide Charityshare with the dedicated storage it requires to deliver high performance VDI and an enhanced user experience to charitable organisations across the United Kingdom.

Pella Opens New Windows of Opportunity with Violin Memory
Pella Corporation, a leading provider of quality windows and doors, is also known for its 85-year history of innovation. When the company needed a primary storage solution for Oracle, SQL Server, and other business-critical applications, they turned to Violin Flash Memory Arrays as long-term strategic assets to improve performance, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

North Island Credit Improves Processing With Storage at the Speed of Memory
Violin flash Memory Arrays accelerate over-night batch jobs, allowing North Island Credit Union to provide better banking services to their Naval Aviation clientele.

Violin Memory Helps PROS Provide Service at the Speed of Modern Business
PROS, a world leader in profitability management and optimization software solutions, uses Violin Memory to achieve substantial long-term savings in licensing costs, reduced labor costs, and operating expenses, along with system performance improvements.

DataQuick Creates Business Intelligence in a Flash With Violin
Deploying Violin flash Memory Arrays allows DataQuick, the nation’s #1 real estate data processing company, to demolish I/0 limitations, reduce database processing times, and to consolidate their data center by 600%.

Brand.net Accelerates Online Advertising With Violin Memory
Brand.net, headquartered in Silicon Valley, uses Violin Memory arrays to deliver online advertising for the world’s largest advertisers while dramatically increasing IT efficiency and reducing operating expenses.

Anglia Ruskin University Harnesses Violin to Increase VDI Scalability
By adopting Violin Memory Arrays, Anglia Ruskin University reduced power consumption and created an excellent virtual desktop user experience for over 32,000 students.

Accelerating Scientific Processes With Flash Memory
Violin Flash Memory Arrays have become critical components in meeting the challenges of storing and disseminating the flood of new scientific data.

Enabling Real-Time Bidding for Online Advertising
This case study shows how flash Memory Arrays can change a business model, lower costs and have immediate impact in a fast moving and demanding business environment.

Getting the Edge in Equity Trading with Flash at the Speed of Memory
Equity processing business turn to Violin Memory for for split-second access to large data stores, banking and financial management.

Major Telecom Accelerates Growth With Flash Memory Storage
After deploying Violin 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays 
to accelerate system monitoring and reporting, a large cellular phone service provider in the Americas was able to identify and repair problems before customers even experienced them.

Healthcare Provider Prescribes Violin Memory for Better Patient Experiences
Violin Flash Memory Array doubles the performance of massive decision support databases for healthcare IT at high speed.

Top 5 Reasons Why Violin is the Best Storage Platform for Microsoft Hyper-V
Take the final step toward a fully virtualized data center by virtualizing your business-critical applications and desktops with Violin Memory and Microsoft.

Zero Downtime Data Migration with Violin Maestro
Achieve seamless high-speed migration of data between different storage arrays, without any application downtime, performance degradation or configuration changes.

Top 5 Challenges in Splunk Enterprise Deployments Addressed by Violin Memory
To deliver real-time insights, a Splunk cluster deployment must be able to continuously ingest and index massive amounts of data, while concurrently processing large numbers of ad-hoc queries and complex reports. These real-time requirements for large datasets make Splunk an ideal candidate for flash memory storage from Violin Memory.

Scale-out Clustering with Violin Memory and Symantec
Regain control of your data center by building a true All-Persistent Memory Database Appliance with Violin Memory Arrays and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System from Symantec

Consolidate Oracle Databases on Violin’s flash Memory Arrays
Violin flash Memory Arrays allow you to consolidate and run Oracle Databases at the speed of memory, at a higher transactional throughput and lower total cost of ownership.

Flash-Enabled Snapshots for Oracle
Violin Memory allows near-instantaneous snapshots to be taken of entire databases without disruption to production users. Flash-Optimized Snapshots allow you to explore many new avenues on the road to delivering higher-quality IT services at lower costs.

Virtualize Oracle Databases with Violin flash Memory Arrays
Implement successful private cloud and platform-on-demand solutions while increasing performance and reducing total cost of ownership with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Accelerate and Increase the ROI of Your Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Reduce costs, generate more bids per second and continuously improve ad targeting with the power and density of Violin Velocity PCIe Flash Memory Cards.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Platform for VMware
Violin Memory delivers flash-based storage solutions that help enterprises overcome the limitations of disk-based storage and unlock the full potential of their virtual infrastructure.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Choice for Oracle Databases
Violin Arrays ensure the lowest latency for data access, provide high bandwidth, and scale to hundreds of terabytes of data so that even the largest Oracle databases can be stored in flash memory.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Choice for SharePoint
As SharePoint deployments grow, storage performance becomes a challenge and impedes productivity and collaboration. Read about the top 5 challenges in SharePoint deployments and how Violin Memory addresses them.

Storage Switzerland Lab Audit Summary
The key takeaway from Storage Switzerland’s audit is that an extreme performance exercise can provide something for every data center. For those that need millions of IOPS, a system can be built to that level of performance. For those that don’t, there is now a better understanding of optimal performance design at the 500K IOPS level.

Scale-out Clustering with Violin Memory and Symantec
Regain control of your data center by building a true All-Persistent Memory Database Appliance with Violin Memory Arrays and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System from Symantec.

Supercharge Your SAP Applications
Support your SAP ecosystem with flash-based storage that scales as data and users grow exponentially, without performance degradation, and without impact to other business functions.

The Cost of Compromise: 10 Things You Probably Do to Mask Storage I/O Bottlenecks
As processor, memory and network speeds have improved, storage media such as tape and disk have failed to keep pace, leading to unbalanced systems that sacrifice processing and memory in order to avoid using storage wherever possible.

Accelerate SQL Server Applications
Violin Memory’s all-silicon data warehouse storage solution simplifies the configuration, usage, and management of data warehouse deployments while delivering consistent and predictable performance for any data, anywhere, at any scale.

Top 5 Reasons to Run Your Data Warehouse on Violin
Violin’s unique memory-like, all-silicon architecture is designed specifically to address the speed, scale, administration, concurrency and TCO issues plaguing modern infrastructures by allowing for every memory address to be equally accessible at the same great speed, all the time.

Violin Solutions for Virtualization
Maximize the benefits of VMware, Xen, and Hyper-V server virtualization by reducing latency and mitigating I/O randomization with flash memory arrays.

Fast Track Your SQL-Powered Data Warehouse
Enable real-time business value with Microsoft-certified SQL Server Fast Track data warehouse solutions.

Violin Solutions for Oracle
Accelerate Your Oracle-powered applications and run your entire database in memory with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Run SAP Applications Faster and More Efficiently
Run your SAP applications and ecosystem faster and more efficiently with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Cost-Effecitvely Scaling VDI
Accelerate and scale your VMware and Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) initiatives while reducing storage costs and improving the end-user experience.

2510 Memory Appliance
Simply Accelerate Legacy Applications and Seamlessly Transform Your Data-Center to Run at the Speed of Memory

Violin Symphony
Violin Symphony provides a single pane of glass view into your Violin Memory infrastructure and dramatically reduces operational complexity with customized dashboards, in-depth performance and health monitoring, automated operations and a consolidated management interface across hundreds of Violin Memory Arrays.

Violin Memory Operating System
Violin Memory Operating System (vMOS) an intelligent management platform that is optimized for flash memory and tightly integrated with Violin Flash Memory Arrays.

vMOS Encryption
Protect valuable information assets and maintain compliance with data protection standards with strong encryption for Violin flash Memory Arrays, all without compromising performance.

Violin Memory 6000 Series Flash Memory Array
Accelerate your business and reduce your infrastructure costs with the industry’s fastest, highly reliable flash Memory Array.

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